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Scott is a Junior at MCHS in Los Angeles, CA. He is 17 years old and is determined on pursuing a career in the film industry.

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A High School of Horrors

Over the blaring sounds of a busy city street, the soft mellow tone of a slow afternoon breeze moving through the dark building’s halls can be heard as white pedals fall off the courtyard’s trees. This place is Tuol Sleng, otherwise known as S-21, this place is a former high school gone prison. Operated by […]

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A New World

The first day of our great adventure began with what felt like someone put us in an oven. With heat and humidity that none of us have ever experienced before, the crew was left dumb struck by the pure intensity of the sun above us. Although this first thought wasn’t the slightest bit a pleasant […]

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A Journey Begins

As our story in Cambodia begins, our group is already filled with excitement and eagerness to explore a new world and experience a culture like nothing we have ever experienced before. Although tolerating seventeen hours worth of plane travel can’t be anything but a tiresome experience, I have enjoyed the past few hours that I’ve […]

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