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Broadcast Journalism 1 Syllabus 2015-16

Welcome to Broadcast Journalism 1! Attached is the complete syllabus that includes course expectations, class rules, grading policy, etc.  PLEASE REVIEW ALL INFORMATION IN THE SYLLABUS.  You are responsible for understanding all information there. BJ 1 syllabus 15-16

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Optimize images for MMN website

This tutorial shows how to create featured images for website posts from Final Cut Pro and then how to optimize them for the web with Photoshop.  If you have images that you created outside of photoshop (like those you take with your still camera for blog posts, etc.), the section on optimizing in Photoshop still […]

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Posting to WordPress

This 11:33 video shows you how to make a post (both a blog and a regular news package post) to the MMN website.  To log into the MMN wordpress site, visit: For info about how to create and optimize featured images for your posts, watch this demo.  

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Law and Ethics Keynote

Take a look at this 14 minute Keynote presentation that reviews Law and Ethics related to journalism. For more detailed info, or to speak with a lawyer, visit the Student Press Law Center.

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Blog Criteria and Rubric

Attached is the rubric for writing and posting blogs on the MMN website.  Please refer to this information BEFORE you begin writing your blog. BJ Blogging rubric

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How to Use Twitter

Attached is a PDF that outlines how you should use Twitter as a member of the MMN Staff.  Please follow these guidelines when using the social media site as a journalist. Twitter How To

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Journalism Code of Ethics

Attached is a PDF Model Code of Ethics drafted by NSPA.  Please use this as a reference for your upcoming work in this class. wheel_modelcodeofethics

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How to Write a Production Journal

All team projects require you to complete a Production Journal.  They are due the same day that we screen the final cut of your project. The Production Journal is a way for you to reflect on your work and that of your group. You should write an honest, specific critique of the finished project and […]

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Interviews: Beyond the Basics

The PDF below has slides that continue our discussion for broadcast interviews.  Please review these before writing your questions for your interviews. interview beyond basics  

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How to Use Google Docs

All of your written work must be submitted using Google Docs.  This is a great way for you to save your work, share it with Mr Hernandez or other teammates, and collaborate on documents.  You don’t have to email documents or print them out. To share your work with Mr. Hernandez: Share your doc with this […]

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