To us, the term “reeducation” may simply be a way of saying: “to learn again,” but unfortunately for the Cambodians suffering under the leadership of the Khmer Rouge, the term describes a complete removal of freedom, even resulting in death. Today, we visited a Cambodian prison for “traitors” to the Khmer Rouge. These traitors could be convicted for as little as talking together in a group for possible conspiracy against the Khmer Leadership. The traitors are then told that they will be “reeducated,” after being brought to the prison where they will soon be interrogated and tortured.

This prison is completely savage, both physically, and emotionally. Prisoners can be kept there for years under the watchful eye of the guard, who can take even a simple smile to be a cause for rebellion. 018

The punishments of possible rebellion include lashings, electric shock, and water boarding. These crude and inhumane techniques were used by the daily and resulted in many deaths of those who truly were innocent.


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