A Dark Past Shading a Bright Future

Today was one of those days that stays with you, we went to the a Khmer Rouge prison that housed over 20,000 Cambodian prisoners, it was operational for over 2+ years with mass graves housing thousands each who had been tortured by the Khmer Rouge, not for legit ament crimes but for allegations of being a traitor and siding with with either the KGB or the CIA, however this is just a front for the Khmer Rouge’s real plan which was to kill off all the intellectuals and everyone with Western influence. So that they could rebuild as a Country with farmers like they had once began.

That was just a short explanation of what happened in that prison but with that you can start understand what i the pressure i felt walking through there mental and spiritual. As i stood in the middle of a cell no wider than a meter big I immediately felt a disturbance from this place. Soon a human urge to want to help these poor people who had suffered in this prison, but we can’t do anything that is what weighs down on you looking at the prisoners faces in the room, sweat and tears in there eyes and absolutely nothing we can do.


Nick Borges de Vaconcelos

About Nick Borges de Vaconcelos

Nick is a freshman at Mira Costa, he is currently enrolled in Video Production 1.


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