Cambodia: A Place In Pictures II

Blue Eyed Gaurdian

My last post on here was a series of black and white photographs of the faces of Cambodia. My style of photography is usually that approach, and as of late I have photographed almost 200 different faces since we have been here. No doubt this will lead to a great show or series of some sort. However, there was something about this country that I missed with those photos. There’s a vibrant passion that constantly whirls around, spinning you like a carousel. Color abounds from every corner, shooting forward like rays of sunshine. There are trinkets and items that create a texture so rich and varied you can almost feel the city in your palm. With black and white I missed that. So in response, the theme for this essay is the color and texture of Cambodia.

Cat, Cat

Parting Gifts



On the Chain Gang


Foreign Pop



About Max Tullio

Max Tullio is a junior at Mira Costa High School in the Cinematic Arts class. He is also the head film writer for the Mustang Morning News. Follow Max on Twitter @MaxT_Film and on Instagram @Max_The_Filmmaker


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