How to Write a Production Journal

All team projects require you to complete a Production Journal.  They are due the same day that we screen the final cut of your project.

The Production Journal is a way for you to reflect on your work and that of your group. You should write an honest, specific critique of the finished project and how the production crew worked together.

90% of your journal should be an honest critique of the project itself: What worked well, what didn’t work well and why, and what you’d do differently if you did the project again. 10% should be an honest, specific review of your personal participation and contributions and that of your crew.

The Production Journal should:

  • Be written using Google Drive and shared with Mr. Hernandez
  • Include your name, the names of your teammates, and the title of the project.
  • Be at least one page in length
  • Use specific examples and names when describing your process


Production journals are confidential, and no one will see them except Mr. Hernandez, so please be honest!



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