Doc Training 3


Read Making Docs CH 19 on documentary  proposals and treatments.  Then create a 1 minute documentary about an “event” (the doc should present some kind of event from beginning to end)  This event could be something like a performance, or something as small as a family dinner.  Since you will most likely be documenting the ordinary lives of people in Cambodia (although it might seem UNordinary to us), it might be useful to make this exercise about an event that isn’t over the top, like a rock concert.   Do NOT use voice over or interviews.


  • What is the point of this event, really?
  • Who is involved and what are their roles?
  • How to those involved interact with each other?
  • What are the key steps in this event?
  • What are the key actions of this event?
  • What visual evidence will you use to SHOW this event?
  • What audio evidence will you use to SHOW this event?
  • How will you START your doc?  How will you END it?




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