Doc Training 4


Read Making Docs Ch 27   and review the Interview technique slides: interviews NEW

Make:  a 1 min interview documentary with the theme: “What are your dreams?”  Develop a set of questions for an interview with ONE person, based on this topic, but also a unique aspect (angle) of this topic.  For example, “How do your dreams as a child compare to those as an adult?” or “Are dreams a healthy thing?”, etc.  Then record and edit your interview into a cohesive mini documentary that explores your narrow aspect of the topic.


  • What do you REALLY want to know?
  • How will you find this out?
  • What questions must you ask in order to get the responses you’re looking for?
  • Is there something funny about the topic? Something dramatic?
  • What evidence can your interviewee provide as proof for their answers?
  • What’s at stake for this person if they answer honestly?


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