How to Use Google Docs

All of your written work must be submitted using Google Docs.  This is a great way for you to save your work, share it with Mr Hernandez or other teammates, and collaborate on documents.  You don’t have to email documents or print them out.

To share your work with Mr. Hernandez:

  • Share your doc with this email address:
  • Leave permissions to “Can Edit”

Follow the steps below to make sure you submit your work properly.  FAILURE TO FOLLOW THIS PROCESS COULD RESULT IN YOU NOT RECEIVING CREDIT FOR YOUR ASSIGNMENT.

Step 1:  Log into your Google Account and go to Drive

Step 2: click on the red “create” button and choose “Document”

GoogleDrivecreate document


Step 3: Rename your document. ****VERY IMPORTANT***

Name your document with your class period, your first and last names, and the assignment name as it appears on the assignment.  Do NOT use periods, hyphens or any other strange characters.

Example: p4 john smith The Graduate questions

To rename your document, just click on the name at the top of your document (by default it is “untitled document”)


Step 4: Share your document.  Click on the blue button on the top right of the screen that says “Share”.  Enter the email address for the people you want to share with, separated by a comma.

To share with Mr. H, share your document with this email address:

Set the permission to “Can Edit” by default.  If you need to change it later, just click on the “Can Edit” and select another option.


Click the green “Share and Save” button and that’s it!



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