Doc Training 5

The next step of your project is pre-production planning.  This includes

  • defining the topic of your doc with a written focus statement
  • creating an outline of your movie
  • creating a list of visual evidence (b-roll you’ll need to record)
  • list of interviewees
  • the questions you’ll ask each interviewee

Before you begin these steps, you’ll need to do some research of the NGO you’ve selected, research the broader topic you’re dealing with (for example the genocide in Cambodia, or the problem of land mines around the world and Cambodia specifically, etc.) and then ask yourself some key questions:

  • Exactly what is it that you are wondering about?
  • Why are you interested in this?
  • Where could you begin to look for answers to your questions?
  • What possible explanations can you think of for whatever it is you are wondering about?
  • How can you test the truth, accuracy, and validity of the things you find out?
  • Where can you find the facts?
  • What could your record that will SHOW the truth (visual evidence)?

Attached are chapters 18 & 19 from Hampe.  These talk about the structure of your documentaries as well as how to write your treatment.  Please read both chapters before working on your treatments and outlines.

Making Docs Ch 18

Making Docs CH 19




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