First Day, First Experience

imageAfter countless hours of flying, traveling, and waiting we finally reached our destination, Cambodia. The first second we walked out the doors it was a complete culture shock. From the humidity, to the hazy atmosphere, everything was different. The cities are filled with life, filled with people everywhere. There are surprising less cars, as most the locals travel on motor bikes.

We spend our first day traveling to the royal palace, getting a tour of the area. This tour was a good introduction to the deep history of Cambodia. After touring the palace grounds we traveling to a Daughters of Cambodia operations center. Daughters of Cambodia works to take girls in the human trafficking business and give them opportunities and skills to get out of this line of work. We spoke to the leaders of this N.G.O and learned about their history and plans for the future.  Afterwards we traveled to the Creative Arts Center where we learned about historical Cambodian instruments  and their meaning. We even learned how to play some of the instruments. Afterwards we learned about Cambodian dance for the approaching Cambodian New Year. After a full day, I can’t wait for the rest of the upcoming week.


About Derek Russell

Derek Russell is a seventeen year old junior at Mira Costa High school. He works in video and music production. He currently is enrolled in Cinematic Arts 2.


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